Kelly The Canine Arborist Says: Estimates/Consults

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Estimates/ consultation There is a differance between an estimate and a consultation. A customer who is interested in a estimate will asked up front! What is the cost to perform a specific job. Be it tree prunning , tree removal or stump grinding. A consultation is when information is the only concern of the customer. Estimates are FREE/consultaions usually have a FEE tied to it. A customer should be specific with the vendor and inform him/her that a consult is their aim. It is also common to get both and what ever the consultation fee is can...

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Walk around your yard!  Pay specific attention to your trees. Look for deadwood, branches growing too close to your roofline(these may make easy access for squirrels . This is also a good time to fertilize and cable your trees. Are there tree stumps on your property where you would like to plant shrubs or grow grass, are stumps in the path of a new fence line? These are all services DeMore Tree can provide to help enhance your yard.

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Welcome to our blog. We will be posting soon.

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